NeoLife – Bringing my skin back to life

Date: 2nd Oct 2019
Written by: Blue Betty
Category: Eco-Warrior | products

Bringing my skin back to life

Blue Betty was given the incredible opportunity to test four NeoLife skin care products from the Nutriance Organic Skin Care range. Nutriance Organic is NOT animal tested, non-comedogenic, 100% vegan and paraben-free. The range Blue Betty tested consists of a Cleansing Milk, Balancing Tonic, Ultra Hydrating Serum and Ultra Hydrating Cream.

Tested for only a week, I felt the effects almost immediately.

Step 1: The Cleansing Milk, a personal favorite. The product is easily applied and leaves the skin feeling intensively cleaned, hydrated and silky. Truly impressed, a big thumbs up.

Step 2: The Balancing Tonic, nice but not a must have for me. Tonics are always attractive to have in ones regime. This Balancing Tonic smells beautiful and definitely perked up my skin. One thing I would recommend is a re-usable cotton swab to avoid cotton balls (Neolife take note as this could be a value add).

Step 3: The Ultra Hydrating Serum. I was very cautious when using this product due to its whopping price. I expected the serum to be thicker, more slime-like. When applied to the face, it dried quickly making me want to use more of the product, but I felt apprehensive due to its high fare. Maybe I should have used more?

Step 4: The Ultra Moisturising Cream, now this is a star product. Once applied to the skin, this moisturising cream did exactly as it’s named. My face felt deeply nourished, moisturised and youthful, glowing with energy. I am very impressed and would recommend this product again and again.

From the highly critical eco-consumer I am, the Nutrience experience was phenomenal and left me dazzled. My main concern is the use of plastic packaging, plastic over time can leach chemicals leaching into the products, no matter how organic they may state. I would much prefer the product to be contained in glass. I had no allergic skin reactions from this range of products either which was a surprise as I have sensitive skin.

Blue Betty is excited about its pro-environment story, use of marine nutrients and organic vision. NeoLife offers more than just skin care. They offer products for weight management, mental and physical health, children’s health, vitamins and minerals, beauty, garden home care and philanthropy.

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