Oh, to dive into the deep blue again

Date: 30th Apr 2020
Written by: Blue Betty
Yes, we may have to wait for the opportunity to dive into the sea once again, but we can use this time to learn a new technique that will allow us to dive deeper into the realm of the blue.

In a recent free diving interview, we met Liz Louw who answered free diving questions posted by our Blue Betty Community. View the interview below.

As part of the series, Liz has developed a breath holding guideline. This document provides a basic overview of free diving as well as techniques to strengthen your lungs and increase your breathe holding capacity. It’s a great stress relief tool too.
To download the document, please sign up to our free diving email list and we’ll send you the link.
Should you wish to take part in our two week online (but interactive) free diving course, please let us know and we will notify as soon as we are ready to launch.

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