A Word From the Water

Date: 19th Jun 2019
Written by: Blue Betty

“I had such a blast at my new SUP class, it was the most fun I’ve had in ages, I’d tell you to come but I know what a little woosy baby you are”.

This is how I initially heard of the Blue Betty’s. As my annoying friend and trusted colleague rattled my ear for a solid 45 minutes, my mind shuffled to that New Year’s resolution list, already comfortably shelved for 2020 in my mind. On that list I promised myself to try out a water sport and I figured this was worth a try.

With much anticipation I headed to the La Mercy Lagoon on an early summer’s morning and have never regretted my decision. My lesson was soul renewing as it was confidence boosting.

Immediately from the first session I felt relaxed and comfortable, the ladies were warm and welcoming and our 10-minute coach was hilarious and approachable. Remembering coach’s golden words “Triangle girls, let me see those triangles!” I dutifully paddled further and further away from the shoreline, knees on board – heart in mouth, I slowly and with some certainty knew that I was not going to suck.

To my delight I began to relax and enjoy being on the water, with each mindful stroke my confidence grew and before I knew it, I was paddling like I had done this before. Completely relaxed, I was in awe of the beauty around and beneath me. Then the most beautiful feeling washed over me – I felt connected to the water. Powerful yet gentle. Strong yet soft. Feeling the water against my paddle and under my board I surrendered to the rhythm of the current and the sway of the sharp sultry breeze.

Each session ever since then has been met with fervour and gratitude. Thank you Blue Betty’s.

Apart from the random beach clean ups I insist on in my family I have learned to not fear the unknown but rather surrender and allow to whatever comes next to happen with grace and a little more confidence.

Shakti Maharaj

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